Bruna Ruiz Planella

Born in 1996 Barcelona, Spain

“We read Bruna Ruiz Planella’s work as a work of inquiry in search of the essence of being. The models do not exist beyond the artist’s imagination although they vaguely remind her of people close to her. She paints portraits without a model, without a defined subject. In this way, her canvases suggest a maximum of subjectivity because they are born from a set of invented features. Her intention is to find the expression of a state, the revelation of a way of being or feeling: to discover the trace of pain, the trace of difference or exceptionality.
In all the compositions there is a secret that we all share: the mystery of reading other people’s faces as if they were our own, which makes us feel so equal and so different at the same time, a seduction that arrests our gaze on that vulnerability that we know we are sharing.”-Aranzazu Fernandez

Solo Exhibitions

‍Ennui, H2O Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Group Exhibitions

‍2018, Art Nou
Ennui, La Capella, Barcelona, Spain

2020, Barcelona Gallery Weekend
Begitarte, H2O Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


Erretratuak: Ikerketa eta Presentzia, espazio B eta B, Lekunberri, France